André Graff Avec Un Groupe D'enfants Indonésiens

2022 was marked by many events around the world which, once again, reminded us of the importance of being there for others.

May this new year be a year of mutual aid, meetings and projects. May it also be a year full of happiness and health for all of you.

For our association, this year will be the year of André Graff’s major transmission project.

We will therefore start 2023 with a crowdfunding campaign entitled “A water school in Sumba” whose launch date will be announced in the coming weeks. This campaign will focus on the “Lokakarya – Workshops” part of André’s project. (

The people of Sumba need you and we hope that many of you will answer this call!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank the donors and members of our association as well as all the people who have supported and helped André for many years.

Thanks for him.

Thank you for Sumba.

And happy new year 2023 !

Thierry Buhl – President Water For Sumba

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